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Romance Writers iof Australia Machines Anthology

Twelve spicy short stories from Australian romance authors, based on the theme machines.

Read my story: Lost and Found.

​After a childhood in foster care, Nathalie De Lancret would love to find a family connection and to know where she comes from. And to know if anyone shares her secret ability. Her search for the De Lancret name has yielded nothing, until a new archaeological dig begins in Langeais searching for a tenth century chevalier with the same name, but with different spelling. Could this be the answer she's looking for? And why does the sexy security guard who refuses her access to the site, excite and unnerve her?

Laurent Voclain works as a security guard keeping nosy tourists away from the new dig site at Langeais Keep. He's had all manner of people begging to be let in, but none as compelling as Nathalie De Lancret. His nose is telling him she's more than she appears. She's one of his kind. Could she be the woman his pack has been looking for? And can he keep his hands off her long enough to find out?


Spicy Bites Anthology - Silk

Twelve spicy short stories from Australian romance authors, based on the theme silk.

Read my story: Avenging Angel.

Life hasn't been easy for the survivors of the pandemic and the resulting war, but they'd made it this far. Nothing is going to stop them rebuilding this world. So when the angels came, blacked winged and bearing swords not halos, Kyra, like many others joined the resistance to fight yet another battle. When an ambush turns into a trap, getting kidnapped is all that saves her. But she's in more danger than ever when the kidnapper is revealed as the new, sexy resistance fighter Rami. Especially since he seems to have sprouted a magnificent pair of silky black wings?

​Rami joined the resistance as just another survivor determined to survive. He lied. He's one of them. An archangel, sent to earth to send all of earth's survivors onto final judgement. Infiltrating them was easy, Leading them into a trap child's play. Watching Kyra die... She'd bewitched him with her fire, her tenacity and her dogged determination to believe things would get better. Breaking every law, risking his halo, he saved her. But now he has her, tied to his bed, what is he going to do with her? And what is she going to do when she finds out he lied?


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Wolf's Mate

A wolf in need. Two worlds collide. Time is no barrier to a match made by fate.

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Wolf's MAte spicy shifter time travel romance
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